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A plate of glistening peach sections for you, my dear.?


You saw inside of meBoy/Girl, Horse/Rider, Master/Servant, Pigeon/Statue


12:27 3/18/2017

1:28 7/9/2017****

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.they've been sound asleep like hibernating bears.

once spring comes,when ripe blossoms or something

start to bloom, they should crawl out of dark holes

and give a bigyawn.

Let's fly this night Fly this rain Let's make a rainbow in your town until your world gets frustrated with your bullshit or lie You are starting to walk You hide the sky cut into a parallelogram in your pocket and blow your whistle Let's show yawning a little Now let's yawn to all power Until the world gets frustrated World one day ... Monday morning and broken milk pot will change you I can not even be a starling Escape But anyway speed Raise it as if it were a rose color Let's make you laughing On such days with no wind You are helpless like a squirrel in winter Let's fly this night Fly this rain Someday the light of the afternoon will be your Lyrics / composition until the time of shoulder wetting: Hideharu Hatano "The boy who has seen the starling star


Rd - PgH 17 Moon

6:44pm 12/20/17 san francisco,ca. Richmond District.